The Garden of Instruments

Paul Schütze

We can write an excerpt here.

1 May 2023 Art

Why The Redesign?

Hierarchy + Periphery

'Beyond treating individual letters as physical objects, the human brain may also perceive a text in its entirety as a kind of physical landscape.'

- Scientific American | Reading Paper Screens | Apr 2013

18 November 2022 ArtTravel

Secular Retreat

Peter Zumthor

‘There is a wonderful solidarity between architecture and landscape. sometimes landscape needs the human touch to become truly wonderful. I saw that we had the potential to make something here that could belong to the landscape in the heidegger sense of the term.’

- Peter Zumthor

18 September 2022 Art


Proving nuclear fusion works at scale

28 November 2021 Technology

The Thank You List

A simple document with the words for thank you in 26 languages.

20 November 2021 Ideas

* Mawson's Walk hits over 330,000 plays on Soundcloud!

Update: As of November 2022 this is now 335,000 plays on Soundcloud :)

16 November 2021 Music

Ooni Pizza Ovens

90 second magic

7 November 2021 Travel

Isamu Noguchi

Master Connector

'I was interested in getting a certain plasticity of form, like something alive - and I wanted it to imply a certain imminent motion. Joints if possible, were never fixed (no welding) but grooved, held by gravity or tension.'

- Isamu Noguchi

24 October 2021 Art

A shortcut to best practices

The beauty of learning is that every piece of information does one of two things : it either shows you a new way to see, or it reaffirms your position on something. Both are useful.Every piece of information either shows you a new way to see or reaffirms your position on something.

29 June 2021 OpinionIdeas

Ice Giant Foam Model

Perito Moreno Glacier, Argentina

A visit to the Perito Moreno Glacier.

PATAGONIA | Argentina
17 January 2021 TravelOpinion

Electric Wings

The rise of the Electric Airplanes

"Air travel is not the enemy. Kerosene is the enemy."

8 May 2020 IdeasOpinion


Ryuichi Sakamoto

Nature is forced into shape. Interestingly, the piano requires re-tuning. We humans say it falls out of tune. But that’s not exactly accurate. Matter is struggling to return to a natural state.

20 April 2020 Art

Antony Gormley at the Royal Academy

“I want to use sculpture to throw us back into the world, to provide this place where the magic, the subtlety, the extraordinary nature of our first-hand experience is celebrated, enhanced, made more present.”

22 October 2019 Art

Iris van Herpen

"To me beauty is very much in between disciplines."

Iris van Herpen

25 June 2019 Art

New Walls & Floors

Steve Reich, Music for 18 musicians, London Sinfonietta @ Birmingham Symphony Hall, Wednesday 13th February 20...

16 June 2019 Art

The Wave + Particle Cloud

There are no absolutes, only ranges.

26 February 2019 Ideas

"And Then What?"

A guide to making better decisions

Three Simple Words. A seemingly simple question. But it is a very useful question to ask.

16 September 2018 Opinion

Peer-to-Peer Self-Regulating Traffic

No More Speed Cameras!

A proposal for a system that regulates traffic by itself using peer-to-peer monitoring.

3 September 2018 Ideas

A Whole New Mind

by Daniel Pink (2008)

The rise of abundance, low-cost outsourcing and automation over the past few decades has meant that we have had to rethink our attitudes to the world around us, how we live and work, faster than previous generations ever had to adapt. Now that the world is deeply connected, the pool from which to drive connections has expanded wider than ever before creating unprecedented opportunities.

2 April 2018 Ideas

Andreas Gursky

at the Hayward

"Pictures are more intelligent than we are. There's more going on in an image than we can actually ever grasp."

Andreas Gursky has a major show marking the reopening of the Hayward Gallery and it is breathtaking in its vertiginous, overwhelming and captivating detail.

Until 22nd April 2018.

25 March 2018 Art