The Thank You List

A simple document with the words for thank you in 26 languages.

20 November 2021 Ideas

A shortcut to best practices

The beauty of learning is that every piece of information does one of two things : it either shows you a new way to see, or it reaffirms your position on something. Both are useful.Every piece of information either shows you a new way to see or reaffirms your position on something.

29 June 2021 OpinionIdeas

Electric Wings

The rise of the Electric Airplanes

"Air travel is not the enemy. Kerosene is the enemy."

8 May 2020 IdeasOpinion

The Wave + Particle Cloud

There are no absolutes, only ranges.

26 February 2019 Ideas

Peer-to-Peer Self-Regulating Traffic

No More Speed Cameras!

A proposal for a system that regulates traffic by itself using peer-to-peer monitoring.

3 September 2018 Ideas

A Whole New Mind

by Daniel Pink (2008)

The rise of abundance, low-cost outsourcing and automation over the past few decades has meant that we have had to rethink our attitudes to the world around us, how we live and work, faster than previous generations ever had to adapt. Now that the world is deeply connected, the pool from which to drive connections has expanded wider than ever before creating unprecedented opportunities.

2 April 2018 Ideas

The Genius of Cornelius

This stuff never gets old, the genius of Keigo Oyamada, otherwise known as Cornelius: Fly - Drop - Fit

4 May 2017 Ideas

Lee Sedol 1, AlphaGo 4

The remarkable story of how a machine beat the best Go player in the world 10 years before it was supposed to.

18 April 2016 Ideas

Wireless Data From Every Light Bulb

Imagine if you could transmit data using light - through the air, not down a cable.

18 August 2011 Ideas