Short Directed by Jessie Ayles

Music + Sound Design

In conversations with Jess the director and Dan the editor, we knew we wanted to keep viewers on edge.

The project had to cover surprising extremes without being too dramatic - so we opted for low tones and found, low-tech plucked objects like wooden instruments, kalimbas and thumb pianos, which are tactile and played close to the body, before graduating to more of a metal palette in the city. Replacing footsteps with the sound of rusty gates was a way to add to a sense of ominousness, and along with the obscured body, suggest the unhinged. It's subtle but perhaps more menacing as a result. A bowed saw added a strangeness and a sense of disorientation, adding a literal and metaphorical edge.

There are startling shifts in the film so juxtaposing the smoothness and evenness of the ocean sonics, electronic tones and rumbles with the sharpness of plucked sounds, breaking coral and the rusty gates helps puncture the narrative and relate to what the girls are saying. A key decistion was to start in one place to set an expected tone, and then unexpectedly pivot.

Click here for an interview with Director Jessie Ayles as she talks about her motivations behind making the film.

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