UCL Bartlett PG24 (2023)

Teaching + Research

Music + Sound Design

As the mediums that the students work with each year become more and more sophisticated and powerful, the role of adjacent disciplines such as film making, sound, haptics, information design, furniture, fashion, couture, cooking, game design, manufacturing, 3D printing, etc all start to become more relevant.

Coupled with the rigor of the education and encouragement to think deeply, each year the students' work benefits from these advancements in technology and converging of disciplines so that their work starts to reduce the distance between idea and finished manifestation of that idea. It also starts to become less distingushable from more seasoned work.

Here is a selection of recent student work I had the honour to assist with.

2023 | Ontario Archipelago - Joshua Killoran Richardson

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A.K.A. The Curious Case of the House Hippo.

July 01, 2067: Toronto, a city of 13 million people, becomes the host city for an international ‘World’s Fair’ to commemorate and critique its own bicentennial.

Five years after the 2067 Expo, Toronto has cemented its status as the testbed for subversive and anti-boring aquatic architectures. New ways of inhabiting the city emerge to reconcile past misdeeds with a new-found optimism for the future.‘Ontario, Archipelago’ is positioned as a housing commune born from this future, whereby aquatic architectures are explored and developed in tandem with a speculative future national identity.

Akin to Montreal’s Habitat ‘67, the project aims to address the challenges of a rapidly changing world. In response to a growing housing crisis in Greater Toronto as well as centuries-long tensions involving indigenous communities, these new homes propose an ethical alternative to private land ownership across Canadian cities. The House Hippo and its associated extensions, accessories, and pavilions, exist to critique the widespread and popular models of suburban living while tacitly indulging the habits of an increasingly consumer-driven world.

2023 | Cosmorama - Cira Oller Tovar

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Cosmorama comprises an innovative research centre and museum dedicated to the study of building in extreme climates.

Its name, derived from the Greek words 'Kosmos' meaning "world" and 'Orama' meaning "scene", aptly captures the essence and objective of this endeavour. Serving as a focal point for architects and scientists alike, the structure offers a distinct and immersive educational experience that transcends physical limitations. By harnessing state-of-the-art technologies, the project seamlessly unites remote locations within one captivating space. This approach underscores the significance of faithfully representing the unspoiled magnificence of landscapes, to nurture a profound understanding and appreciation for natural environments while emphasizing the imperative of their conservation.

In alignment with this ethos, the architectural design incorporates local materials, effectively mirroring the surrounding environment and engendering a harmonious coexistence with the site. The project transcends conventional notions of a museum or research centre, assuming the character of an ever-evolving landscape in its own right.

2023 | Kowloon Reimagined - Chak Ming Anthony (Anthony) Tai

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This project explores the preservation of Hong Kong's identity through sustainable regeneration of the 1950s Tong Lau. The city's constant demolition and profit-driven cultures have impeded the development of a distinct architectural identity.

The investigated district of Kowloon City currently faces the imminent displacement of its aging community to accommodate large-scale housing developments.

In response, this project proposes an alternative vision that prioritises local communities, and seeks to conserve Hong Kong's lost cultures through adaptive reuse.

The project also aims to revive the forgotten material of timber, using it as a bridge to connect Hong Kong's future architectural identity with its pre-colonial past. By establishing a symbiotic relationship with the existing fabric, the project ultimately seeks to develop regenerative strategies across various scales.