Tia Lee - Goodbye Princess

Music Directed by Tony C Miller

Music Remix

"Sometimes, we just need to run away from the chains that bind."

Tia first entered the industry as a model, She didn't want to stay still, just being changed from gown to gown. Knowing she was destined for a bigger stage, she courageously moved on to accept a bigger challenge : Transcending the boundaries of fantasy and reality. The Goodbye Princess motion images collection sees Tia reliving and breathing new meaning to old memories and experiences, drawing strength to write the next chapters of her story.

Here are the six motion images we created :

Falling In The Deep

Based on the Little Mermaid this relates to Tia having had an early start in the entertainment industry, but soon found herself stuck in a rut, unable to make any real breakthroughs.

Stuck In Time

Based on Cinderella this relates to escaping the strictures of tradition.

The Puppet

Based on Sleeping Beauty, Tia doesn;t feel in control of her destiny and feels manipulated by those around her.

Pawn To Queen

Based on Alice in Wonderland, Tia starts to take control of the narrative. Negative press aims to undermine her, but she charts a new course in a more empowered future.

Temptation Apple

Based on Snow White, TIa starts to embrace new directions and take more risks.

The Beginning

Newly empowered, Tia has transformed into a new persona ready for the next chapter.