The Call Of The Sky

Short Directed by Jack Wylson

Documentary Short

This was a very subtle and contemplative film and required a suitably contemplative score and soundscape. Ben's monologue carries you through the meditation - some of the sound was done at my end - the underwater sounds, the air push when we go underground and the we see the boot pushing the puddle.

I picked mainly different guitars and various strings as my palette for this one. Solo violins evoke the quiet passion of the birdwatcher, echoes of the birds themselves. The guitars and pads add a meditative wash tying air and sea together. I tried to merge the sounds and music throughout so that one grows out of the other.

Filmed along the southern coast of Ireland this poetic, existential take on birds and birdwatching was inspired by the writing of Peter Matthiessen and J. A. Baker and shot in the vein of a surf movie.