Studio INI

Short Directed by Edward Paginton

Music + Sound Design

In collaboration with A/D/O, this film aims to introduce and show how she and her studio approach their work.

In the words of Nassia:

"Augmented reality is a material one; an augmented materiality that seeks to address our need for transformation. A capacity to transform that we are akin to in nature and addicted to in our updatable digital realm, but that we are yet still missing in the ‘static’ architecture of our physical designed environment."

I was keen in this film to get across the materiality of the visuals, the tentative hairs of the brush, the fizziness of the sparks in the workshop, an enveloping sense of warmth from being enclosed in a fabric, the freshness of dappled light and an alternating sense of space and activity. The workshop is a positive space, full of questions and experimentation, a cerebral place as much as a place to build. As there was plenty of dialogue, the textures I was creating wanted to be subtle but supportive. Fabrics and weaves are by definitition repeating elements so I start the track with a repeating motif that then opens out to a more wandering exploration before arriving at a virtuous repeating circle in a new sonic place.

A/D/O is a creative space built by @MINI, dedicated to exploring the boundaries and the future of design. It is open to all who seek to be inspired.