Microsoft x Wired - Sport Optimised

Commercial Directed by Jeremy Groman


  • Electronic
  • Drums
  • Synth Bass

F1 - Renault

Technological and pacey. Sidechained synths, insistent beats and a crackling texture, the focus here was to keep the pace but not run out of steam. Building towards the end shot I used the engine crackle as an inspiration for the bass line. The piano adds an elegance to the track midway through and adds a bit of breathing space before the sound effects and bubbling Prophet synth lines bring back the feeling of a hive of activity to accelerate ot the finish line.

  • Synth Bass
  • Synth
  • Electronic
  • Voice
  • Shouts

Football - Benfica

To try and bring out the tribal aspect of football, I aimed for lots of punch: Low growly bass, wooden sticks, an emphatic beat, running synths and shouts. Fast cuts allowed the track to become very percussive which helped keep the energy up. Towards the end, the bass drum opens out to more of a dance beat before introducing more airy calmness - but still with electricity - over the final shots of the stadium.

  • Piano
  • Electric Piano
  • Hang Drum
  • Synth Bass


A gentler track, evoking dawn at the beginning and using the arcs of the action of playing golf to inform the instrumentation and style of playing. Hence I used reverse sounds to link to the swing rhythm of how golf is played, piano to elucidate the controlled formality of the golf course, hang drum to give it a slightly intriguing edge and a subtle synth bass to add momentum. Again, we wanted this track to breathe so punctuated it with a couple spaces in the middle to just let the ambient sounds take over. Brass at the end of the film communicates the idea of power and control, which the analytics themselves aim to improve.