Regents Crescent

Commercial Directed by Jeremy Groman

Music + Sound Design

A modern fairy tale - from the cobbled streets of 1820 to the heart of a bustling 21st Century city, there is a fairytale element to this film. From formal to progressive, the music had to embody the grandeur but also the sophistication of one of London's important historical landmarks adjoining one of the most beautiful Royal Parks.

I doscovered form the director while working on this project that Regents Crescent was originally meant to be Regent's Circus - forming a corridor from Picadilly Circus through Oxford Circus to Regents Circus. But only half of it was completed. The eastern half of Regent's Crescent was bombed in the 2nd World War and was rebuilt but to lower standards than the original. Hence this redevelopment was allowed to demolish that version of the building with the proviso that it was rebuilt to the original specification, rather than simply retaining the facade.