Pablo's Quinoa Revolución

Commercial Directed by Malcolm Green

Music + Sound Design

This is a project that required six different tracks, born out of the spirit of the founder of the company.

The title track is exuberant, like the man it describes, revolutionary in its zeal - at the end it just barges its way back into the narrative with the word 'here'.

Guitars were a natural choice throughout, electric, acoustic, mariachi, any and all. Flutes and pan pipes are used, but sparingly in a more modern way.

Accordions have a rustic feel, they always sound like they have lived a colourful life, they have the air of nostalgia but you can get a lot of expression out of them which makes them good for nuance and to more directly connect to the human experience.

The action of rolling the quinoa seeds reminded me of the action of playing a guiro, a suitably humble instrument, so I used that to start one of the tracks and it grew from there. Having a slightly onomatopoeic sound bridge the visual and sonic here augments its identity.