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Far Away feat. Nina Lares (Excerpt)

By the time “Villa Stavros” came out, the pair had already been regular studio buddies for a couple of years. Initially, Murphy had recruited Pollard – a keyboardist and composer – to play on tracks he was working on for Rong Music. One thing naturally led to another, and soon they were joining forces to make music as Murphy’s home studio in Holloway, North London.

Built around the duo’s own fine musicianship, with Pollard handling synths, keyboards and electric piano, and Murphy guitar, bass and percussion, the album’s ten tracks offer a musical journey through their shared love of shuffling grooves, sun-kissed soundscapes and gentle positivity.

Highlights: 'Far Away', the third track on the album features the sultry vocal talents of Los Angeles native Nina Lares; the ninth track, 'Anura' was inspired by a wateringhole in Zambia and 'Mawson's Walk' - the sixth track on the album - has now garnered 222k plays on Soundcloud and counting.

  • Mudd & Pollard
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Far Away (Ron Trent Remix)

Ron Trent has lent his massive talents to a remix of 'Far Away' - which is also featured in the Claremont 56 10th Anniversary album.

N7 Odyssey is available on vinyl and digitally.

Mudd & Pollard are slated to begin their next album in mid-2019. Watch this space. Hopefully it won't take another 10 years this time...