Matt Stuart



A street photograper is an ethereal being. At once present and invisible at the same time. So the music is serving to evoke an air of a benign magician. There's mystery, mysticism and magic in the ability to not just capture a moment but line up the various layers of what is happening and capture them all in a way tht takes you into an image but beyond it into other connections that you would probably have missed even if you'd been there.

Revealing and hiding are key themes. The processing is deliberately oversaturated to sound as though from a bygone era. A time that no longer exists, if it ever did. A piece of music in a time signature of three, as this is, evokes a slight 'away-with-the-fairies' madness...especially with unexpected key changes. A waltz is also playful and romantic - qualities you need as a street photograper to identify moments that tell more than just the stories of the people portrayed in them.

Mandolins, vibraphone, jazz drums, flutes, double bass are a mixture of instruments familiar and esoteric brought together,