Maersk - Together All The Way

Commercial Directed by Malcolm Green

Music + Sound Design

This was a film made in reverse: The track came first as a rhythm and the film was shot to it. The track was then evolved to fit the edit.

The film was shot in lockdown, socially distanced - a tango is performed with a light rope - it was an apt reminder of our need for connection and the reality of our current day to day compartmentalisation, which both protects yet isolates us.

Like the edit, the track never stays still for too long, morphing through different movements and genres. These 'episodes' then make it possible to do short social media cutdowns that are self contained but are still part of the overall puzzle.

The choreography in the film enabled me to then react to the movements after the shoot during editing to refine transitions and extend movements. A sort of fractal landscape of interconnecting pieces.

30 Second Cutdown

An example of some of the ways the longer film can be cut into bitesized pieces to fit not just social media platforms, but different devices, events, etc without changing the character of the message.