Range Rover Electric

JLR Commercial


Most car adverts are very serious - the brief for this one was to be able to bring in humour without undermining the sense of luxury. As I'm always going on about dualities, this is a perfect example.

Here is a character, inviting you into a rebellious plan. Elegant on the outside, cheeky on the underside, the eyebrow and wellington boots bring the viewer into her story. So rather than score the luxury elements of the scene, the key here was to score her character.

The boots give the game away - so the second half of the track introduces something you don't expect.

The spiccato violin (where the bow is bounced on the strings) is an example of taking a formal instrument and playing it in a novel way. Elegant yet playful.

I've used reversed notes a lot here as well because it serves to accelerate the transition to the next note. Keeps you on your toes.

Drama in the middle over the boot section comes via a harp and tremolo strings...anticipation before the drop - a trick learned from dance music.

Double bass adds gravitas. Brass adds power. Mouth drums add quirkines.