Jigsaw - Elevated


Music + Sound Design

This was a great project to work on - the idea was to keep reaching for an elevated place - it could be interpreted as real or metaphorical. Simplicity was the key as it had to feel attainable. Not amazing-desert-island-with-impossible-beauty unattainable. Setting it London thus felt approriate.

The track was built out of the rhythm of the train in the first shot - the train being one of the main tempos of urban life. The actual train recording is in fact an overland train at Kew Gardens - where Jigsaw happens to be headquartered.

Humble and tactile instruments - attainable instruments in common use - solo piano, solo violin - slowly reinforce each other as they climb and dance, with support from a wider string section. It is an emotional journey that strives to reach a better place.

Sound design was also important - the sound of air and distant activity helps give the sense of a fresh space and movement away from an omnidirectional intensity.

And hopefully leaves you feeling a bit elevated!