Jaguar I-PACE Fleet

JLR Commercial Directed by Alicia MacDonald


This was a really fun little project - great casting aided by great direction meant the two leads had really good chemistry - how to enhance their rapport? The brief was, as you can probably tell, 70s Funk which is always a joy to make. But cutting the track off just as it was getting going adds to the sense of Henrik's and Anna's ridiculousness. The juxtaposition of something that sounds unprepared in its duration (hence being cut off) but precise in it's arrangement and execution - funk is all about precision but playing 'in the pocket' is always about trying to push against that precision without going outside its optimal range - is where the excitement comes from.

Comedy is a law unto itself - often silence is the best way to heighten tension and elevate the humour. Sound effects and ambiences are probably more important than music as well. The water cooler moment is perfect punctuation - Less is definitely more here.