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"Bit techno."

That was the brief we arrived at, although on this one the client was keen to hear my initial thoughts first.

With such a short amount of time the identity has to land immediately. The key moments were as it initially illuminates and then when it turns from green to red.

Tones of ice and fire. Neon. There is a corridor-in-a-nightclub element to it, hints of Star Wars.

What it didn't want to sound like was either ominous, and even though there isn't anyone else in the room it didn't want to sound empty either.

I tried putting voices behind the wall, but it didn't really work because it took your attention away from the logo onto what might be happening next door. There isn't enough time here to build that kind of layering without it interfering with the focus on the words.

But I did add a deeper element to the red section, to ground it a bit.

Free Turn as a concept gives you that sense in a game that you have a bonus. A bit of a bounce. Everyone likes an unexpected prize!

Risk is removed, so you can feel a little freer...and in this state, what would you create?