Finding MĀ

Commercial Directed by Toufic Araman

Music + Sound Design

This was an exciting piece to work on - ostensibly in 3 parts - an introduction of innocence - a dream sequence and a transformation, ending with a more knowing confidence - the journey and transformation complete.

The palette here was chosen to reflect the metamorphosis of the girl - sounds of the subway were cut up and processed, a ney flute introduces her innocence, heartbeats, a violin represents vulnerability, femininity, truth. But the sound design is more reptilian in places. The buildup to the dream sequence is drawing on a sense of being overwhelmed - coming from the desert - a horizontal landscape, to a dense city - a vertical landscape. Horizontality persists in the subway. A language that previously meant open space is now underground and yet it paradoxically brings freedom.

I used some of Toufic's recordings of the subway: the roar of the train, the drone of the doors, the shriek of the rails. Metamorphosis is not passive or easy. It requires an almost alien energy, bold and fearless. But the resuling rebirth is enduringly beautiful. It's that energy I try to capture in the sound here.

Look 1
DsQuared Ruffled dress; Christian Siriano dress; DsQuared neck tie; DsQuared leggings; Alexander Wang corset belt; Erickson Beamon jewelry; DsQuared shoes.

Look 2
Fendi jumpsuit; Keren Wolf headband; Giorgio Armani purse; Miu Miu shoes.

Look 3
Miu Miu coat; Miu Miu shoes; Giorgio Armani purse.

Look 4
Marc Jacobs dress; Marc Jacobs belt; Giorgio Armani boots; GBGH choker.

Look 5
Dolce and Gabbana gown; GBGH rings.

Look 6
YSL dress; Dolce & Gabbana bag; Keren Wolf bracelet; Keren Wolf earrings.

Look 7
Giorgio Armani dress; Keren Wolf earring.