Engines of Repair

Teaching + Research Directed by Flavian Berar

Music + Sound Design

Even though this film is set on a future Earth, there is an otherwordly feel to it. Strange but positive. Pads, air, static and sine waves form the initial palatte.

As part of the piece I used the first recordings taken by NASA's Perseverance Rover in February 2021 on Sols 1 and 4, the first sounds we've ever received on the ground from another planet. They are recordings of the Martian wind.

One of the recordings was taken by a microphone on the rover's mast while it was still stowed on the deck of the rover, so it sounds muffled, womb-like or like a hand cupped over an ear. It felt like a very relevant position and moment in time for the subject of this film so I included it over the sphere you see at 0:08s.

More info about these recordings are here.