Short Directed by Camille Nock

Music + Sound Design

This was an inspiring project to work on with James, Camille and Chris. The film deals with culturally challenging issues but it is a message of hope and of courage for a brighter future.

Camille had done some great work in the past, particularly her student film Bo & Mei which had such depth and subtlety and a powerful message so it was great to have the opportunity to work with her.

One of the girls in the film is a guitarist, so we looked to use as much of her band's music as possible without it taking over the narrative of the others.

The palette of sounds includes guitars, thumb pianos, voices, ambiences, but also of synths and electronic drums. As this is a film about defying expectations the decision was taken to put music in that you woudn't normally expect.

The track at the end is built from the refrain of the children waiting for Choko's band to begin playing which was recorded on location. It is then looped and developed into something forward-looking....where will the daughters of Malawi of tomorrow go? What expectations will they challenge and redefine?

It will be very interesting to see.