Cineworld Unlimited

Commercial Directed by Liam + Grant


The adverts follow the life of main character Phil Connors (played by rising star and namesake, Phil Dunster who coincidentally I also worked with on the Krays movies), living a repetitive, mundane life, until Cineworld Unlimited presents him with a eureka moment mirroring Bill Murray’s own turning point, where he comes to appreciate the possibilities of everyday life.

The brief for the music here was a cover of the Sonny and Cher song 'I Got You Babe', which features in the movie, but it needed adapting for these fast-paced visuals and the presence of a voiceover.

Retaining the signature oboes but then combining them with the power of bigger drums, brass, and the vocal talents of Sarah Howells and Christof van der Ven for the final refrain, this is a slightly grander scale version than the original classic to match the scale and energy of the edit.

The version above is the main Trailer, the three below are the other parts of the series.