AMG Prelude

Commercial Directed by Rankin

Music + Sound Design

Initially there were 5 hero films, 4 x 30s films showcasing a different supercar from AMG's illustrious history, and one overarching 60s.

G-Wagon, Hammer, SLS and GT-Black

They all needed impact. The visuals pushed the envelope so the music and sound had to rise to be sonically equivalent and not let the side down!

As ever, to create a more visceral experience sound design and music were developed at the same time.

From hip-hop to electro to sound design, the overall sonic approach looked to be as diverse as possible yet tightly integrated into the narrative flow to create new pockets of intensity when everything matches up.

A series of shorter social media posts that took different sonic and visual elements from the films and reblended them together depending on the focus were subsequently done, so all the assets continue to work together through each format and reinforce the brand at every touchpoint.

Each of these shorter posts garnered between 150k and 450k views within a couple of days on Instagram.


Take a $150k G-Wagon. Cover it in paint and do lots of donuts. Anarchic and dirty, this film had to show the fun of driving and the spirit of AMG.

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A family saloon with, naturally, a V8 engine. The sound of this particular car is very distinctive and it was used as the main element of both the edit and the approach to the sound design and music.

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The world's first electric supercar doesn't make a lot of noise, but it does pack a punch. In a bid to escape the cacophony and find peace, this is a stealthy escape vehicle.

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Boy meets girl. Boy doesn't realise what he's let himself in for!

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