Commercial Directed by Rankin

Sound Design + Mix

Another fun project!'s track was already on the film so it was a case of adding peripheral sound design, elevating certain melodic elements, and processing the track to match the visuals at certain key places. The sound effects act to add a bigger dimensionality to the film, placing the viewer in specific spaces and pulling them through the different scenes in line wiht the visuals.

There is also a reference to Lewis Hamilton, with a recording of him driving his F1 Mercedes round the track, it connects this campaign to the EQS film and the BTS film below so the content is consistent across the board.


The BTS film uses much of the same language and footage as the hero film. Here we enhanced the dialogue between and Lewis Hamilton to feel part of the same family and to have a similar impact as the main film.

Key to this was the creation of a parallel set of 'spaces' for the car footage to run behind the dialogue. You don't want so much going on front and centre that as a viewer you are distracted from the main message. At the same time you want to acknowledge the energy behind what both Will and Lewis are talking about.

The energy and excitement of the car should permeate the discussion, and the ambience around both characters needed to be on a similar level, so we made the intensity consistent around both.

Similarly, an electric car in and of itself doesn't make any noise, so we used the tyres to create intensity. Sound design fills out the rest.