Adidas SST Pure

Adidas Commercial Directed by James Pearson-Howes

Commercial Short

The aesthetic for this was cold and clean. It was filmed in a big reverberant space full of hard surfaces so we looked to use reverbs creatively. The flickering fluorescent lights and the speed of the walking models gave clues for the tempo of the track. So the instrumentaiton I chose was in keeping with this: electronic drums for snap, sub bass for power, wooden hand percussion for accents, pads for smoothness, and clarinets for scale, space and mystery. The ending of the piece is softer with a focus on the jacket - the bass wobbles and pads aim to bring warmth, like a sonic duvet to the end of the film while still giving movement and suggest contours.

The other challenge on this project was to keep the energy up as the film was shot in slow-motion - but the mesmerising imagery expertly shot by James Pearson-Howes combined with the sharp changes from pad to light buzz to silence to bass hopefully serve to keep you on your toes.