Adidas Prophere

Adidas Commercial Directed by Dan Canyon

Selected Scenes

  • Adidas
  • Prophere


All the films in this series are percussive, edgy and dynamic. There's a lot going on, both in the shots themselves and the effects used to distrort, warp and glitch.

This type of picture asks for you to follow the roller coaster or strip it back to bare essentials, and we chose to jump on the roller coaster. The challenge was to hit the sync points while keeping a sense of rhythm and flow and not just get lost in the sound effects. As the narrative is constantly interrupted here was an opportunity to really work the sound : the sound effects are used as percussion, the screaming synths part of the sound design. There's nothing smooth about the aesthetic or the energy in the room. Ambiences and up front buzzing synths mix together until the end logo where the frame moves as if the screen you're watching it on has just been hit with something. Creating this illusion of something about to burst out of the screen was an interesting exercise. In all there were 37 separate deliverables for Adidas, Footlocker and JD Sports in various languages covering a global campaign.